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Repair & Status Updates

     Randolph County Schools and the USDA have transferred ownership of the Homestead school building and its 17 acre campus to the Tygart Valley Homestead Association. The TVHA was  awarded a grant from the State Historic Preservation Office to repair the cafeteria roof.  Those repairs were finished in May 2018.
     The Tygart Valley Homestead Association plans to open the school building as a community center. Before we can open the building to the mass public, we must complete electrical upgrades.  Our goals  by order of importance are 1) electrical upgrades, 2) replace the gym floor 3) repainting the gym and repair broken windows in the gym.  We look forwad to the day that we can reopen the gym to area basketball teams and the public.   We sincerely appreciate everyone's support last year during our fundraising efforts and want to reassure the public that all money collected is safe in a designated savings account for the future Homestead Community center.  We will need your continued support to allow us to obtain more grants in the future to help repair the building for the community. 
                                                                                                COMMUNITY SUPPORT IS THE KEY TO THIS ENDEAVOR

****There has been concern in the community about the class pictures.  The pictures were restored by the TV Homestead Association previous to the school's closing.  We have a lot of money invested in them so we took them down when vandals where entering the building after the school was closed.  The pictures are safe at a members home and will be hung up again when the building is up and running as a community center.*****

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