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Repair & Status Updates

     The Randolph County Board of Education permanently closed Homestead Elementary School.  A storm with high winds damaged the gym and cafeteria roof on March 1, 2017.  The Board of Education did have the gym roof repaired by Reliable Roofing of Elkins.  Insurance money will pay for those repairs. The cafeteria roof is rapidly deteriating and is in desperate need of repair.  The gym and cafeteria floors will also need repaired.
Randolph County Schools and the USDA have transferred ownership of the school building and its 17 acre campus to the Tygart Valley Homestead Association. The TVHA has been awarded a grant from the WV Preservation Alliance to repair the cafeteria roof.   Money that was raised last year during our many fundraisers will help match this grant!  (A stipulation that most grants have.) Reliable Roofing of Elkins has won the bid to repair the cafeteria roof and work will begin early spring.
     Clean up days have been held.  The downstairs area has been cleaned and organized.  Damaged floor tile in the kitchen area has been removed.  Linda Peterson is applying for more grants.  Christa Shiflett is working on flooring options to replace the gym floor.
     The Tygart Valley Homestead Association plans to open the school building as a community center.  Our number one goal is to repair the gym floor so that it can be used by area basketball teams.  We sincerely appreciate everyone's support last year during our fundraising efforts and want to reassure the public that all money collected is safe in a designated savings account for the future Homestead Community center.  We will need your continued support to allow us to obtain more grants in the future to help repair the building for the community. 
                                                                                                COMMUNITY SUPPORT IS THE KEY TO THIS ENDEAVOR

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